Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Kiln Shed

Building a NEW Kiln Shed
My former kiln shed blew down in a storm this past spring so I have been in the process of building a new one on a shoestring budget.  Step 1 started in Nevada in April.  My sister had a shed she no longer needed so my son and husband dismantled it and I moved the pieces back to our home in Colorado.  Spring winds and a reluctant husband to reassemble the shed put this project on hold.
Fall arrived and the reconstruction of my shed began.  WOW reassembling a shed can be quite complicated and getting the framework square (we were missing a few pieces) a major complication.

We had to prop the sides of shed up with tables, etc. until the top rail went on.  There were no wind free days for our construction but at least only gentle winds. Our building took several days to complete – the bottom frame was hardest but once the sides went up it got much easier.

Next we assembled the roof frame and had friends help us set the frame on the sides.

John and I put the roof on next.

Almost Done!

The doors are on; my kiln is inside along with my workbench, storage cabinets and shelves, etc.  Now I am ready to fire a load of pottery.