Wednesday, January 25, 2012


63+ Things to Do Before I am 64
Wow, when I started the list of what I want to change, accomplish, etc. during the year 2012 there were several things that came to mind.  Do I want to focus on the typical New Year Resolutions that seem to get lost by the end of January, make a list of challenges that I want to meet, or set goals for the coming year.  Then I saw someone else doing the list of what to accomplish by my next birthday.  This works for me as I have almost the entire year to get it done. 
So, here is the beginning of my list of 63+ to get done by 64.  I made it 63+ because my list continues to grow! I am only starting with a few on the list and will add to it often.
1.     Start a new devotion series for boys (my 3 grandsons that live with us) at night
2.     Make new business cards
3.     Lose a pound a week for the next year (that would make 52# in a year—and a much healthier me.
4.     Blog at least 2 times each week or more!
5.     Keep my FB page updated
6.     Groom my dogs daily
7.     Start a daily exercise program
8.     Get my list of shows done by the end of January
9.     Plant trees along our long driveway
10.                       Finish log rail fence around front yard
11.                       Put new RAKU kiln in kiln yard area
And the list shall go on and on but on another day!