Monday, March 28, 2011

Special Sale

Hi, today a fellow ETSIAN asked us to spread the word about her dog - follows is her message:

Hi Everyone
I have a beautiful Golden Retriever named Lyric. She just turned 2 on Feb 7th! She is my first dog and just the most special animal. She does all kinds of tricks and knows so many words. I can just tell her "slipper" and she will go get my slipper. Or say "Water" and she will go have a drink of water. She is fantastic...and my best friend!

We just found out that she has torn her Cruciate Ligament in her back knee and now I am faced with a huge vet bill! Her surgery is this coming Tues Mar 29th and the cost is just over $1500.
I am hoping that those that see this, can help tweet, facebook or share my shop info with whatever networking sites you use and let them know that if they use this coupon LYRICMAR29JETS they will get 25% off any item in my shop! Whatever you can do to help, would make a big difference in helping me to earn the money so my son and I don't starve!! hahaha

Thanks so much for your time.

Here is a photo of Lyric.

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