Monday, May 23, 2011


The month of May has flown by and SUMMER is almost here.  (Even tho itdid snow a lot on the pass and we had a light snow here this past week).  I am heading to a craft show in UTAH tomorrow morning.  The show is over the holiday weekend and we want to get there early to avoid all the traffic.

I have actually been getting a lot done in MAY.  I think that is because my computer has suffered a virus and not able to get on often. (lol).  Have fired my kiln twice this week and allmost have the bugs worked out of it I hope.  The first time it failed to shut off and glaze was literally running off my pieces onto my shelves (before that it wasn't firing long enough and my glaze wasn't maturing).  It is firing as I wirte so maybe this will be perfect!  I've said lots of prayers...

Everyone have a great Memorial weekend.  Hope your weather is perfect for any bbq's, etc.

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