Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Old Blue is the pickup John and I bought in 1985 and it has become “his” baby.  So, this beast is what we refer to as the “Farm Truck”.  Old Blue really isn’t bad to look at, the body is in good shape and the flat bed was put on only 5 years ago plus we replaced the engine when it hit 365,000 miles with a brand new one. It does a good job pulling the hay trailer locally.
But…..The shop that put the flatbed on did mess up our lights and it needs to be rewire; the clutch that my sweet backyard mechanics put in doesn’t work quite right so I have to stop and turn off the engine to down shift gears or to go in reverse; the new brakes and brake booster still don’t work quite right so stopping is really questionable; yesterday the windshield wiper on the passenger side broke; and the heater is stuck on high.
Yep, you guessed it – Old Blue and I are not too fond of one another right now.  Due to unforeseen circumstances my mustang is down (when the clutch went out last week the tow truck tore my exhaust off when taking car off truck) and the transmission is out on my truck (another reminder to you all is don’t let your kids drive your vehicles!  Lol) so that leaves “old Blue”.
Saturday I had to take “old Blue” out for a spin (well it was actually a 6 hour road trip to the Front Range).  We slowly crept down the pass, restarted the beast to change gears, it rained of course, but until rain over 90 degrees outside and my heats on high!
After spending the night with my daughter I borrowed her truck to make the trek to Denver.  John is participating in a 7 week PTSD clinic at the VA hospital.  There was no way I would drive the beast in Denver traffic again—I know I’d have every light red!
Now “Old Blue” and I only need to make the 6 hour journey over the pass and we’ll be home again until another adventure calls!
I think I need to get a new car!!!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing -- maybe you should stick to the horse!

  2. We do get attached to our vehicles! Love your sharing.