Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Healthier ME

2012 – A Healthier Year for ME!!!
One of the accomplishments I am working on for 2012 is a Healthier Me and to lose a pound a week until my birthday (or until I reach desired weight).  To put in more bluntly I have gone from pleasantly plump to fat! UG UG UG !  How did that happen.  I remember being a size 3 after my 3rd baby.  Maybe it was working nights at the hospital and all the cokes and candy bars that helped me stay awake.  Or perhaps when I worked as a newspaper distributor it was the donuts I ate or Burger King cini minis that I ate when delivering papers to the carriers, or maybe the over 50 bulge!  lol.  Whatever started the spiral upward it is to stop and go backwards! 
Well I started to actively try to lose a few pounds (aiming toward a pound a week) in February and I am proud to say that I have exceeded my goal so far and have lost 12 pounds!  YEA!!!  Of course being sick might have actually started this downward climb?
First I bought a new scale.  It does all kinds of fancy things but mainly I wanted an accurate scale with a digital print out that I could see over all of my excess pounds. 
Then I started to watch my calories – making myself wait to eat breakfast until closer to 9 a.m. even though I am up by 6, Change that to only one piece of toast, going whole grain, more fruits and adding more vegetables to my diet (my Mom didn’t make me eat veggies and I am still learning to add some to my likes now. ), making portions much smaller and no snacks in the evening.  In addition I have been making sure to drink lots of water so it makes me stay full and limiting other types of drinks.. 
Next, I am going to add exercise to my daily agenda but have had to wait because the first week in February my asthma flared and I spent a couple of nights in the hospital.  Almost well enough but now have another respiratory infection.  Lol.
I have figured out several snacks that I can eat mid morning and mid afternoon that are healthy and I like plus they make me feel as though I am really eating things I like.  So far I snack on apples, bananas, peanuts, cheese sticks and occasionally a scoop of ice cream.  Jell-O is another low cal snack.  To keep my heart healthy and happy I have found that I can eat 3 dark chocolate hearts for 120 calories.  My biggest indulgence while cutting calories.   Lunch is usually half a grilled chicken breast and a salad. 
Have any of you reached your goals or resolutions set in January?


  1. You're an inspiration! I'm trying to do the same thing, but not doing as well as you are. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I try not to make resolutions in January...I will surely fail! But being attentive to what I eat and staying disciplined about it really works. It is all cumulative....the more you stay consistent, the more it pays off. It has to be a way of life too! Sounds like you are doing great!

  3. Reached? Mine are to work on for all of 2012. I have accomplished a couple though - smallish challenges, like making a home for the etsy inventory.

  4. Haven't made a resolution or goal this year. I know how hard what you are doing is and I will pray you can make it a real life change from 2012 on!!

  5. I was just reading in family circle magazine that snacking smartly can help with the weight loss.

  6. You're doing great! Keep up the fabulous work!

    I've been trying to exercise more this year. It's hard, but I always feel better when I do it. I want to follow your example and eat more fruits and veggies, too. :)

  7. Donna, congrats....I need to do this and still have trouble starting....♥+

  8. Great job keep up the good work! Just keep active by walking, or using a exercise dvd can keep you losing weight. I lost twenty pounds three years ago.

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    And then I came to your blog and I totally sympatize with your weight loss journey. I also need to drop some pounds- so I am glad to read your story. I think it helps to talk to others about this struggle. Good luck.