Sunday, October 9, 2011


Today is another cold day--one of the few that we have that stays cloudy all day!  It looks like snow in the surrounding mountains. 

An UPDATE on Derby.  Yesterday he finally decided he would drink some of the foal milk replacer, and by this morning eagerly awaiting his bucket of milk!  He has now had his lunch bucket too!  He isn't looking for mom as much now.

Today I am thankful for.....Derby starting to drink his milk
                                         radio on my computer while I work
                                         cell phones
                                         muck boots (aka snow boots if you aren't on a farm)
                                         brown clay
                                         Coyote glazes
                                         my kids
                                         Timberline church online
                                         Pandora radio on my phone

Now I am off to work in the studio - have a bunch of ideas to work on for my holiday line.  In addition to my mug a day I will post pictures tomorrow of other pots I make. 

Have a blessed Sunday!


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