Friday, October 7, 2011


WHY has this past week been so hectic???  Maybe I have been focusing on the wrong things!!! Between losing my mare and having a 2 month old orphan colt, my days and nights have been very busy.  Baby still doesn't want to drink or eat the FOLAC for orphans (I have tried both the pellets and powder) But he will eat hay and drink water.   Here is
Derby's story . . . .
Where did Mama go???

AND then SNOW--October 6 and a baby has to endure snow and no Mama to keep him warm!!!

Finally - when a boy just needs someone you bring me a strange mare who doesn't have any interest in me and...yes, a boy meets DAD!

Well my humans decided that a loafing shed wasn't enough for me without a mama so they worked hard last night and I now have a barn that was formerly a tack room.  Hmm wonder if those saddles hanging on the wall are for me to eat???

After such a fun experience with Derby and finally off to bed after many hours in the wet snow transforming a tack room into a barn for derby--which he loves and is oh so warm I wake up to a horse running up and down outside my bedroom window.  But oh no, I go out and its now a horse but a big black mule named Maggie.  Of course the only animal on my place that is not halter broke!!!  After many hours of trying to coax her back into the pasture after repairing the fence I gave up and left her out to much on the hay stack and went back to bed.

This morning here's Maggie checking out our stud Amigo and showing off that she is free to play while he can't come out.

And then to make things all run smooth for a while,

And after the past 48 hours, i remember
Psalm 148:1 "Praise Ye the Lord.  Praise ye the Lord from the heavens:  praise him in the heights."

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